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Watch the video for the introduction to the course: try the course on UDEMY


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How much is the Course? The course is a 10 week course with the weekly price being 29 Dollars.  Every week you will have between three and four 10-12 minute videos with pictures and a daily meditation reading.  The Daily workout is also included and is the same every week.  Therefore the Total cost of the entire 10 week course is 29x10=$290 Dollars.  You must purchase each week 1 at a time as you go.  This is to ensure customer satisfaction - if at any point the course does not fit your needs, you can end on the week you have last purchased. 

Can I pick and chose the courses I want to take?  Yes! Although we encourage you to take the courses in progression since they were created with a logical sequence in mind.  However you may cherry pick certain weeks if you like to save money.  

Do I need any fancy art supplies for the course?  No any standard drawing paper and pencils and pens will work.  The course makes use of pens for drawing and pencil, however any drawing medium will work. 

Do I need a light box for the course?  No, A lightbox is used one or two times in the course only to redraw and resharpen existing drawings.  The majority of the course uses a regular drawing surface. 

Will more courses be added in the future?  Perhaps so, this is only part of an ambitious drawing and design course envisioned by the instructor 3 years ago.  This course has been many years in the making.  Depending on the response of these courses will determine if more courses are made.  The 10 week course is only 25% of the grand course design envisioned by the instructor. 

What is the social tab on this site? Members of the course will be allowed access to a special social networking part of the site where they can share drawings online they have created from the course!

Who is the Instructor?  Read below:



Award winning Artist with years of Experience (view artworks)


John Gholson Jr is the instructor for the 10 week course and his biogarphy can be found here:


I was recognized at age 15 with my work making the cover of a Georgia Agricultural magazine. That same year I was featured in the Oconee Enterprise as a Rising Star for my pen and ink drawings depicting historical places in Oconee County. I was chosen as a high school sophomore to create a painting of the Eagle Tavern, located in Watkinsville Georgia. A print was made to commemorate the Silver Anniversary of the Fall Festival. I attended the Governor's Honors program in art in 1999. I designed the programs 5k t-shirt, and placed first in the entire race. I graduated with Honors from Oconee County High School as the class of 2000. I also finished my BFA in drawing from The University of Georgia with a 3.6 GPA. Additionaly I studied acting, so I incorporate aspects of dance, drama, athleticism, energy, and movement into my art.
Our Philosophy

I have a gift which lets me express my ideas, visions, and surroundings, in a visually unique way. My ultimate dream is to find balance in my life, work, and adventures outside of the studio. My future plans will focus on this vision, along with the people who would like to see my dream become a reality. I have been surrounded by art my entire life. My mother is an artist, so I was encouraged to draw and paint at a very young age. I submitted my first painting for exhibit at age 6; since then, I have been acclaimed as a talented young artist. My style is to incorporate a broad array of bright colors into my artwork; saying more with less. Capturing the power and action of the human body in motion has always appealed to me. The things I specifically try to recreate in my sports paintings are speed, force, and energy. Having been athletic my entire life, I love to dance, lift weights, and go running. When I was a senior In high school I was ranked 3rd in the state for cross country. I continue to maintain an active lifestyle.

I Have exhibited at the 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2009 Lyndon House juried exhibition, as well as the 2002, 2004, and 2008 Southworks juried exhibition, I am recognized by my distinct style. Some of my collectors include C.L. Morehead Jr., Bermuda Run of Hawaii, Northeast Ga. Cancer Care, St. Mary's Hospital, Dr. William Allen, Southeastern Color Lithographers, Wilson's Soul Food, Oconee County Chamber of Commerce, Coach and Mrs. Mark Richt.





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